Saudi Electricity Company
Eastern Area Head Office (LED Street Light & LED Pendant Light)
General Service Dammam, King Saudi Building (LED Street Light)
Miscellaneous works at Dammam Area-2014. Area Building Facilities Management. (LED Street Light, LED Flood Light, Down light and Spot light.)
Dammam University
Engineering College(LED Flood Light)
General Site (LED Street Light)
Administrator Building, Main Entrance and Atrium (LED High ceiling down ligth, LED down light & LED Spot light)
Masjid at KFCA VIP-Saudi side(LED Flood light, inground, strip, down light, Bulkhead & Wall mounted)
Royal Commision Jubail
Al-Ferdos Street (LED Street light)
King Fahd Hospital
Local Street (LED Street light)
Dammam Municipality
Dammam Corniche (LED Street light)
Parking Area (LED Flood light, Parking light)
MSI ( Production Area ) (LED High Bay)
Interior Lighting Showroom
Al-Majdouie Holding Groups
Showrooms (LED interior lighting)
Majd Real State
Al-Majdouie Villas (LED interior lighting)
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